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Telephone Dialling Codes & Service Provider Listings

Welcome to IDD, an Australian telecommunications information resource. We provide information on Australia's telephone numbering system, long distance and international direct dialling codes, telephone country codes, and comprehensive listings of telephone, mobile, internet, cloud storage, domain name and web hosting providers.

Telephone Numbering Plan

A guide to Australia's telephone numbering system with details on area codes, time zones, international direct dialling (IDD), emergency service numbers, and free call, toll free and premium rate numbers.

Telephone Country Codes

The world's telephone country codes (including satellite phones) sorted alphabetically.

International Dialling Codes

International direct dialling (IDD) codes (prefixes) by country. IDD codes are required to dial internationally out of a country. These codes vary from country to country.

Service Providers

IDD makes searching for telephone, mobile or internet services that little bit easier. We've done the research and provide listings of Australia's telephone companies, mobile service providers, ISPs, cloud storage providers, domain name registrars and web hosting providers.

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While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided on this website, IDD offers no warranties in relation to this information.


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